Responsive Engineering

Responsive Engineering is an Australian company dedicated to finding innovative solutions to complex problems. They develop and manufacture specialist products and diagnostic tools for the automotive industry.

 A key component to Responsive Engineering is the development of specialised filtration components and precise water warning systems for diesel engines.

Water is one of the main causes of damage to fuel system components. It can cause parts to seize due to poor lubrication; it will also produce rust and corrosion to internal metal areas which in turn causes pump and injector damage. This problem is even more relevant to late model electronic and common rail vehicles.​The Water Watch trap assembly will assist in detecting and removing water in the vehicles fuel supply prior to it entering the fuel system. It is capable of detecting very small amounts of free water, bringing on a LED warning light and audible warning. Water Watch will also collect debris and particulates in the glass bowl along with any water that has come from your fuel supply.​ To find out more or to make a purchase: 

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