MTA ACT partners with OZ Help Tune Up

Tuesday 6 January 2015

The innovative Tradies Tune Up has been operating for some time in the ACT, particularly in the building and Construction Industry.

The Oz Help Foundation is supported by the Federal and ACT governments in providing this excellent program.  The tradies tune up aims to raise awareness of personal preventative health amongst workers.  It provides workers with a quick health assessment while on the job.  These tune-ups take approximately 20 minutes and include information relevant to the following areas
  • cholesterol check
  • blood pressure check
  • weight
  • waist measurement
  • depression awareness
  • stress awareness
  • diabetes risk assessment 
  • nutrition
  • alcohol consumption
  • smoking dependence

The Motor Trades Association of the ACT is pleased to announce that OzHelp will be running these tune-ups for workers in the motor trades industry throughout January 2015.  Motor Trade employers can show they value their employees by participating in this wonderful project.  They can also reap the benefits of having happier, healthier employees.

Please ring the office on 0499 242 524 or email us on to get involved