MTA ACT - Supporting Vehicle Owners

The ACT Motor Trades Association and its members are proud of our good reputation for delivering reliable, quality service to ACT vehicle owners.

Even with the best of intentions, however, there may be times when you feel the service delivered by MTA ACT members does not meet your expectations.


Dealing with Dissatisfaction

There are some things you can do to resolve the situation if you are not happy with an MTA member's service:

Check your warranty

Go to your original documentation to find the warranty details.  It's good to be clear about what you are entitled to before approaching the dealer or repairer with a problem. 

It is not reasonable to expect a motor trader to perform repairs at no cost outside the warranty period. But there may be times when a business owner is willing to compromise to maintain a valuable customer's loyalty. 

A calm discussion with the business owner or manager can usually resolve the issue to everyone's satisfaction.

Assess your expectations

The industry code of practice outlines clearly what consumers should expect from motor traders and also what consumers need to do to assist MTA ACT members to meet your needs.

This may clarify whether expectations are valid.

Patience works wonders

In most cases - problems arise as a result of a simple mistake, a temporary  process failure or a lapse in communication . Before laying blame, consider that there may be a reasonable explanation.

If you calmly and promptly bring the problem to the a manager's notice it can usually be quickly resolved.

Respect is a virtue

Most ACT motor traders are small business owers who are keen to maintain a good reputation and loyal customers.

It is important to be aware that business owners have costs of staff, parts and supplies and compliance they incur even when they are trying to resolve a problem for you. 


MTA ACT Can Help

In circumstances where initial discussions with the business fail to resolve a problem you can contact MTA ACT for assistance in dealing with the MTA Member.

You can help MTA ACT maintain our members good reputation by contacting us for assistance.  We will talk through the issue with you and clarify your expectations.  We will then contact the member to try to bring the matter to a satisfactory conclusion for all concerned. Please understand that not all Automotive businesses in the ACT and Region belong to the MTA ACT and as such would not be bound by our Code. It is a good idea to check that the business you are dealing with has taken the time and trouble to become a member, as membership makes the statement that the business cares about you, the customer.

Contact Us to discuss your issue.