Your Voice With the Motor Trades

MTA ACT can help you get satisfaction in your dealings with our members.

It is important to the  Motor Trades Association of the ACT that our members maintain a good reputation for honesty, integrity and quality among consumers of motor vehicles and associated services.

Even when our members follow the Statement of Business Principles - there are sometimes occasions where circumstances result in misunderstandings with the service or value they have received from an MTA Member and disputes can arise.

In this circumstance MTA ACT can discuss your issues with our members with a view to clarifying the situation, managing expectations and arriving at a mutually beneficial resolution.

Contact MTA ACT to be your voice with the Motor Trades in the Canberra region.  Look for our logo to make sure you are dealing with an MTA ACT member!

(Unfortunately we are only able to assist with our own members, not members of other state associations).